Monday, March 25, 2013

2 Months Old

Well technically 2 months and 1 day but who's counting. I AM, I AM! 

Anyway, yes I'm sorry. The obligatory new mommy/blogging apology. I have wanted to post 100 times but then I always find things that actually need to be done like feeding my son, laundry, washing pump parts, making dinner, giving a bath, and oh - yes, resting. 

The past month has been great much better than our first month, especially for me since I feel so much better. Except for a bout of mastitis (oh gosh that stuff is no joke) last week, I'm feeling great.

We are getting into a little groove which helps make our days less confusing for all of us.  Baby and I have ventured to a few stores on our own and I even breastfed in public last week.  Well public might be an overstatement as the lounge in the women's restroom at Nordy's isn't all that public but it was a good start. I forced myself to do this as we leave on Wednesday for California and I've had anxiety about breastfeeding on the plane.  Most of the anxiety is silly because 1.) I know baby WILL fuss at some point so I just have to accept that 2.) if someone sees my boob, I'll live and so will they and 3.) if he does one of his projectile spit-ups on me, I have a change of clothes in the carry-on.  So, deep breath, I can do this traveling with an infant thing.  Of course E will be there to help.

I am concerned I might begin to ramble because there's so many things to talk about so I think I'll just write in bullets to organize my thoughts and help you readers (if there are even any left). 

- Baby is an awesome sleeper. We're up to sleeping from 9pm-6:30am which is incredible. I slept last night from 10pm-5:30am without even waking up to use the restroom. First time that's happened since before I was pregnant. 

- I still have 10 pounds to loose and it's driving me crazy.  The first 20 just melted right off. It was amazing but I haven't been able to make those last 10 budge for the last month. I am hoping that once the weather warms up, we can get out consistently for walks but it snowed last night so that puts a damper on the walking. 

- Breastfeeding is hard but we're getting the hang of it and I'm actually starting to enjoy it.  My breasts have a life of their own however.  We've tried to give him a bottle a day to get him used to it but he really really doesn't like the bottle.  We press on however because once he goes to day care, he'll have to take a bottle.     

- The kid is in the 90 percentile for his weight and I love it.  People will comment about what a chubby baby we have and I have decided to take it as the best compliment ever.  He's cute, he's round, he loves to eat and is thriving. They might as well be saying, "good work mommy".  Hahah, well at least that's what I've decided to hear because people do say strange things to you when you have a newborn. 

- Most days I still have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm getting good at faking it and baby and E seem to be cool with it. We seem to have a little harmony going on in our household.  Positive that will change at some point but we're enjoying each day and taking it one at a time.

- I am always covered in goo.  I shower, I change, I wipe myself off - but inevitably, the goo returns. It took 2 months, but I've come to accept the goo.  I still try to keep clean but if I'm home alone I might not change my shirt for a few hours. If we leave the house, I don't get dressed until baby is already buckled in his car seat bucket.

- I have already had my "bad mommy" moment and cried for an afternoon.  I can't bring myself to write what I did but suffice to say that no one was hurt and we all survived.  A phone call to my own mother who told me all the crazy stuff that happened when I was a baby made me feel better. 

- People that make certain baby products really know what's up.  Here are some things we couldn't live without:
1.) The miracle blanket swaddle blanket. Seriously, the BEST out there. It was the only one our little strong man couldn't get out of. They're expensive but so worth it.
2.) Boppy changing pad liners.
3.) Our little one absolutely loves his mobile in his crib.
4.) The swing works every time. You need a swing if you're going to have a baby as it calms them and provides so much enjoyment.  Get the one will all the bells and whistles - ours has a mobile on it and baby loves it.
5.) Bouncy chair - this is another must. It's great to have a safe place to put baby when you have to go about your daily chores.

So that's all for now as baby is waking up to eat. I do really love being a mom.