Monday, March 31, 2014

Transfer set for tomorrow...again

Anyone else feel like this blog is going in circles!?!?!?

We are transferring one 6 day blast tomorrow. RE said it was graded 2AB and still qualified as good on the "good, fair poor" scale. I'm fully expecting them to say that the embryo didn't survive the thaw and they had to thaw our last embryo. I need to walk into this with low expectations I suppose.

If we can just avoid the bizarre-o transfer that we had last time, I will consider this a success. It took us three blast transfers to get our little boy so I am so hoping we can hit the jackpot on #3 again this time.  Of course, I'm a little wary for the 6 day blast as all my others have been 5 day, but what can you do. 

In other news, we're still in laid-off purgatory as E's current employer contemplates hiring him for another position. For now, still working and still getting paid so we have that to be thankful for. Everything with the job situation is pretty much up in the air though. We've got a lot of people shopping his resume and while it's only been a week, I think we've made some progress. A few leads here and there which helps to keep spirits up for sure.

Last night we hosted E's brother and his family for dinner. C had so much fun playing with is big cousins; I could literally hear the squeals coming from the family room while I prepped dinner in the kitchen. That little boy brings so much joy into our home and family!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Feeling like Supermom...and then not so much

Over the weekend, I finally turned the corner on the never ending sickness...or so I thought. The vertigo was almost gone, I had time to sleep in because E was so incredibly wonderful and I napped during our little guy's nap times. On Saturday morning I dropped off the dry cleaning, did the grocery shopping and picked up an RX all within about 45 mins. No kidding...I was feeling like Supermom.  I have this super power called Peapod grocery pickup which is absolutely free...they won't even let you tip them. I tried!  I mean, I pick out the groceries online, and then drive to the store, stay in my car, tell them I'm here and they put my groceries in my car. I drive away...that's it.  Three errands in 45 mins including grocery shopping?!?! Superhero-ish if I do say so myself.

Now, if only my new Supermom-self could somehow figure out how to fix the latest family drama. E got laid off on Monday.  Cue freak out which sent me back into vertigo literally!  Honestly, just thinking about it still makes me dizzy. This is really a good thing in the end as he needed to get out of the industry he was in, but we realistically thought we had about 6 months before the heat got turned up. Turns, out we were wrong.  Still figuring out next steps, but the FET is still a go. Of course that raises other anxieties as well but I'd much rather have this FET work and have to scrimp for awhile than have it not work and breathe a sigh of financial relief.

It's always complicated, right?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Doing My Best to Keep Up With the Rest

So the title might seem like I'm really trying to keep up with the Jones' here but in truth, I'm trying to get these silly kids' books out of my head!  Each morning I wake up with some phrase from "But Not the Hippopotamus" or "The Little Blue Truck" or "Giraffe's Can't Dance" in my head. They seem stuck there for days. 

But I thought this phrase from our plump little friend the hippopotamus, was quite fitting. I've recently had my first, "Where's baby number 2?" comment. AHHCCKKKK! Cue freak out.  Really, he's only just turned 1. I thought I'd have till at least 18 months, probably a little longer before that stuff starting coming into my world.  It was from a day care working at our little one's school. Of course they didn't mean anything by it, but still.... threw me into a tizzy for a minute.

I guess, I'm just doing my best to stay the course. Less than 2 weeks till transfer #3. Totally frightened we're not going to have anything to transfer and neither blast survives. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Piece of Cake

So I was looking at my blog post titles of late and noticed that they were really pretty negative. What a downer, right? Well the truth is that I've been pretty down about this whole TTC #2 thing. I just don't have faith that these FETs are going to work and part of me is ready to skip right to fresh IVF. YIKES!?! What have I been drinking? Well, margaritas - but not since I arrived back from Mexico.

So I thought I would post about how my del estrogen IM shots once every 3 days are like the EASIEST THING EVER!  Yay for celebrating little IVF successes, right? Man, if I could just get my doc to let me go back to endometrin suppositories instead of PIO, these FETs would be a breeze.

Two more weeks till lining check. We've got a packed weekend so I'm hoping time flies.

Still a little weirded-out about an April Fool's Day transfer, but April has been a lucky month for us. April 28th was my transfer with my son so here's to looking on the brighter side of things.

Monday, March 10, 2014

How to Ruin a Vacation

I took a trip with 7 other friends over the weekend to Cancun. We were celebrating a friend's impending nuptials and decided to get away from the cold and snow.  So off to Mexico we went - no husbands or kiddos invited. I was really looking forward to this trip after our last failed FET, but alas I could not escape baby-making news.

My cousin announced that she "may be" pregnant and couldn't drink anything all weekend. See, she took a HPT right before we left and it was faintly positive. Took another one before dinner that first night and yes, positive again. So yay! I'm happy for her because they've been trying for over a year and just consulted an RE - BUT MAN! Couldn't you just try to hide it all weekend! Really!?!?!?

It definitely painted a black cloud over my trip which I wasn't expecting. Happy to be back home where there are actual clouds in the sky instead.

Baseline and US today....waiting for instructions to stick myself with yet another ungodly amount of massive needles in the hopes of conceiving again.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Really, again?

Biopsy #2 went fine yesterday ...well except for the fact that I barfed again in my office trash can from the pain meds! Yikes! I was so sick.

I took something less strong but I think the combination of slight nausea and reading on the computer for the remainder of the day did me in. Usually, pain meds don't affect me this way, but then again - when I'm on them, I've usually just come from some type of surgery and I'm home resting. Not trying to function at work on the computer. 

Anyway, so that's behind us. Baseline is next Monday and if all goes well, we'll start shots again for round 3.