Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Doing My Best to Keep Up With the Rest

So the title might seem like I'm really trying to keep up with the Jones' here but in truth, I'm trying to get these silly kids' books out of my head!  Each morning I wake up with some phrase from "But Not the Hippopotamus" or "The Little Blue Truck" or "Giraffe's Can't Dance" in my head. They seem stuck there for days. 

But I thought this phrase from our plump little friend the hippopotamus, was quite fitting. I've recently had my first, "Where's baby number 2?" comment. AHHCCKKKK! Cue freak out.  Really, he's only just turned 1. I thought I'd have till at least 18 months, probably a little longer before that stuff starting coming into my world.  It was from a day care working at our little one's school. Of course they didn't mean anything by it, but still.... threw me into a tizzy for a minute.

I guess, I'm just doing my best to stay the course. Less than 2 weeks till transfer #3. Totally frightened we're not going to have anything to transfer and neither blast survives. 

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