Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Going to be a quick one...likely full of typos again, sorry guys. 

We have been home a week. They discharged us after Baby E looked to be gaining a little weight and making progress with her new bottle. Frankly, we were gonna break her out anyway because E and I were managing her care essentially at that point not the docs/nurses. We only needed their equipment. 

So we came home with new equipment...and a nurse that comes once a week. At yesterday's weigh in, baby E had gained more than an ounce a day!!!! Which is incredible. So we aredoing  something right.

So much to manage between her health, taking care of mine...our very active bug C. Geting through this one feed at a time.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Still at the Hospital

We are doing better but still in the hospital. Baby E is learning to eat with a specialized bottle that takes time and energy to learn- fo her and for us. She needs to do most of her eating with this new bottle before we can go home. Also, she needs to gain weight. This is the one we're struggling with right now. She's expensing so much energy learning to eat. 
We are iht of the NICU which has its pros and cons of course. Being in a regular ward makes us feel more human- amazing what a window and a private room will do for your spirits. 

E and I have been alrernating nights here at hospital. Whoever stays gets about 3-4 hours of sleep that might between the feedings, a newborn baby, all the beeps that  go off constantly and oh, the annoying people who take citals every 4 hours. 

I beleive we'll be able to avoid makor surgery till she's 10-12 months ild which is great, but we have a ways to go before discharge. 

I'm functioning on so little aleep these days and processing so much important info, I cant believe my brain is actually working. 

8 days old and our gal hates her diaper changes, but she's our lone ranger- our fighter and with a lot of learning, new care techniques, love and FOOD, she will be just fine. 

E and I will be learning how to feees her at home with a nasal feeding tube. Seems so daunting right, but I memtioned that bith my kids were concieved via IVF amd our nirse said, ummm if you can inject yourself with multiple shots, eapecially IM ones, this will be a piece of cake. We can wndure this and as a fav mommy nlogher of mine notes- we can do hatd things. I'm doing it every day.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

She's here

Baby E is here! Quick post but we have been thrown a curve ball called pierre robin sequence- just google it bc its a weird one to explain. Life started out in NICU....and now we're at a huge top rated children's hospital 2 days after birth. Heartbreaking to see our gal with such struggles. We are living hour to hour. But think in the end she'll be ok. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Three More Days as a Family of Three

This post is all over the place so apologies!

It's surreal, I have to say. To be this close is so exciting. My emotions are all over the place it seems. I'm excited, hopeful, worried, scared, nervous, elated, exhausted and overjoyed all at once.

My fluid levels have stayed about the same and docs are still not worried. The swelling in my feet seems to be better than last week which is nice and I'm finally home for good.

I am teleworking which is great because I was just so tired of getting dressed every morning for work and dealing with the commute. The last few days at work were pretty stressful getting ready to head out but now I feel like things are under control and I'm ready. 

I hope I can handle being a mommy of 2. Today I got sad because I wasn't doing drop offs and pick ups for C at day care. I won't be doing that the majority of the time on maternity leave either. That time is both difficult and cherished. But I'm comforted by the fact that while I'm on maternity leave, I can decide to keep him home with me more and have some extra special days.  Having the option is great though I know we'll have him go to day care at least 4 days every week to keep up that continuity, but I can pick him up early or drop off late if we want.  I realize that when you have more kids the love grows, but I want to be sure C gets just as much as he was getting before. I know at first, the adjustment to mommy's time will be hard. Thankfully, he's still very much a daddy's boy so E will likely be the main man.

Last OB appointment is Wednesday and then c-sesction is Thursday. Here we go!