Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Feeling Pregnant, Finally

Well, I've finally started to feel pregnant which is great. But then the freaky stuff happens and I get scared again.  No I haven't had any more bleeding or spotting just a whole bunch of Braxton Hicks contractions while we were on vacation. E is still in a sling because of his shoulder surgery so I'm left to do all the diaper changes which is no small feat with our very strong, active 2.5 year old little boy.  One diaper change or clothes change leaves me in a sweat.

Yesterday, I went into the OB because I was having what I think were pretty continuous BH contractions. Then on top of that, I had an allergy attack over the weekend and it's tough to breath so everything seems really tight in my chest, lung, ribs, and belly so I can't figure out what's what.  OB assured me that she didn't think the issue was obstetrical in nature but sent me to my primary doc for something to help with congestion. So far I haven't used the inhaler I was prescribed just yet, just been using the Mucinex and I feel better. My primary doc is so nice and she was concerned about prescribing me too much medication while pregnant. Thankfully, I'm feeling a bit better today. Perhaps some of my chest tightening issue could have been stress?  E was out of town for 2 days which is necessary but is really tough for me.  We'll get by.

Friday is our anatomy scan which I'm both excited and nervous about. I just want that little one in there to be perfectly healthy.  The appointment can't come soon enough.

And in other news, the results I requested from our PGS testing finally came in while we were with family on vacation. Would you like to know who's joining us this fall?  I won't leave you hanging...embryo #10 is a GIRL!!!! I can't say how happy this makes me. I'd be over the moon with whoever but I had a feeling early on we were having a girl so my mind always drifted that way, and I started to dream pink.  I can't tell you how truly blessed I feel each day.