Monday, August 24, 2015

OMG - I'm living with a maniac!

Two-year old little boys are maniacs. How come they don't come with manuals?!!?!? I tried the off-the shelf books to no avail. Had a rough weekend of toddler defiance and boy, that kid is just so physical I can't "make" him do anything he doesn't want to do.  He's really lucky he's adorable or else.  I've solicited for some good toddler skills with friends so we'll try out some new things tonight, but I'm tired. Gotta love when E is out of town too!

33 weeks and counting - we're getting ready for our little gal's arrival here soon. I can hardly believe it!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Night #3 and C slept the entire night up in his big boy room all by himself. I am so thrilled and well-rested.  The first night was hell, the second night was tough, but the third night was perfect. I almost couldn't believe it when I woke up about 4:30 am to use the bathroom and realized I hadn't been woken up prior to that. I knew the kid could do it, I just wasn't sure how long it would take. I am sure there will be some nights where things don't go perfectly, but I think we're making really great progress. 

Walking past the empty nursery is bitter sweet. The emptiness makes me sad for our boy who is growing up but I know the only reason he's not in there is to make way for his baby sister who will be here in about 8 weeks.  Truly feeling blessed today.  

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Cutest Ever

Quick updates:
Everything is going well with baby girl. She's still kicking up a storm in there. We're about a week or 2 away from moving C up to his big boy room. He's been excited about the space so far, which is good. And we are on the verge of potty training which I think will begin on Monday at day care. Lots going on. I'm home alone in the evenings a lot still as E has been working really long and hard. We're tired. 

Anyway, I just needed to pop in to document the cutest thing that C did this morning on the way to work. We asked him if he'd sing to his baby sister when she gets here. He said yes and that he'd sing the "lullaby song" which he promptly began to sing. And where we insert C's name, he appropriately inserted "baby sister" which brought E to tears I'm pretty sure though I didn't call him out on it.  It was so incredibly adorable and sweet. Just a melt-your-heart moment.

C is growing and learning so much these days it's astounding. He speaks really well but there are a few things which really get him.  Just so I don't forget, my favorite C-isms are:

- hiccup truck (for pick up truck)
- vini van (for mini van)
- hahhhma hahhhma cheese (Parmesan cheese)