Monday, March 31, 2014

Transfer set for tomorrow...again

Anyone else feel like this blog is going in circles!?!?!?

We are transferring one 6 day blast tomorrow. RE said it was graded 2AB and still qualified as good on the "good, fair poor" scale. I'm fully expecting them to say that the embryo didn't survive the thaw and they had to thaw our last embryo. I need to walk into this with low expectations I suppose.

If we can just avoid the bizarre-o transfer that we had last time, I will consider this a success. It took us three blast transfers to get our little boy so I am so hoping we can hit the jackpot on #3 again this time.  Of course, I'm a little wary for the 6 day blast as all my others have been 5 day, but what can you do. 

In other news, we're still in laid-off purgatory as E's current employer contemplates hiring him for another position. For now, still working and still getting paid so we have that to be thankful for. Everything with the job situation is pretty much up in the air though. We've got a lot of people shopping his resume and while it's only been a week, I think we've made some progress. A few leads here and there which helps to keep spirits up for sure.

Last night we hosted E's brother and his family for dinner. C had so much fun playing with is big cousins; I could literally hear the squeals coming from the family room while I prepped dinner in the kitchen. That little boy brings so much joy into our home and family!


  1. I'm sending all my positive vibes for you on the transfer and on your hubby's job search!

  2. Thank you thank you Mellisa!