Thursday, April 3, 2014

No April Fools Jokes For Me

Thank goodness this FET went smoothly. I couldn't take another strange transfer - especially not on April Fools day. 

We arrived on time and I had acupuncture before which was great. Left me feeling nice and relaxed. But we were called back into the exam room a few minutes late and then after about 15 more minutes, someone came in to tell me the doc was running behind. UGH - I had to pee so badly.  Apparently, the gal before me had a really high cervix and they were having an extreme amount of difficulty getting the catheter in. I felt bad for her.  About 15 more LONG minutes later, the doctor came in.  I guess they ended up having to get another doctor to do the other transfer and he was able to make it happen. Otherwise, they would have sedated her. UGH...I felt worse for her but I was eager to get the show on the road.  They only defrosted the one embryo so we've still got one left in the freezer. I was fully prepared for them to tell me they had to thaw both of the embryos and this was going to be our last shot.

Transfer was easy peasy - nothing out of the ordinary. My clinic changed their post transfer protocol from bed rest to light activity.  I worked from home yesterday just to be on the safe side though. So now we wait...and wait. Beta is scheduled for the 14th and we've got lots going on between now and then. Hoping that time flies. 

E has had a few more good leads on the job front which is encouraging. Not sure where I should direct my prayers these days ...for a baby or for a good job for E.  I just feel like it's greedy to ask for both at once but I'm not sure it's a one or the other type of thing anyway. It just feels like we couldn't possibly hit the job AND baby jackpot this month, could we?

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  1. So glad it went well! I hope you do hit the jackpot in all aspects this month!!!