Monday, April 7, 2014

Silently Saying This Out Loud

I know in my head this FET is going to be a bust. All medical and statistical signs point to it being a bust. This is the third best embryo we had. It's only a 2AB 6-day blast so it was a slower grower to start with and then it only expanded to stage 2 which is early to intermediate blast stage.

BUT my body feels different. Different than the last 2 FETs - enough that I'm starting to hope and that's a bad thing given the above mentioned paragraph.

Saturday morning I noticed my breasts. Just noticed them really, and they felt fuller than usual. Now my breasts usually go unnoticed 99% of the time by yours truly so for me to "notice" them, was out of the ordinary.  They didn't look fuller in my bra or really even more full to the touch ....just felt fuller. Same with Sunday. Today they feel a teanse bit achy but maybe that's a stretch and my heart is wishing they were on fire.  Of course, I know the meds can give you these symptoms, but I've just done 2 previous FETs with the same medications - exactly the same and somehow this feels different. And different HAS TO BE better, right? Because SAME WOULD BE DEVASTATING!   

So there you have body is fooling my head into hoping that somehow this outcome will be better than the last.

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