Monday, March 10, 2014

How to Ruin a Vacation

I took a trip with 7 other friends over the weekend to Cancun. We were celebrating a friend's impending nuptials and decided to get away from the cold and snow.  So off to Mexico we went - no husbands or kiddos invited. I was really looking forward to this trip after our last failed FET, but alas I could not escape baby-making news.

My cousin announced that she "may be" pregnant and couldn't drink anything all weekend. See, she took a HPT right before we left and it was faintly positive. Took another one before dinner that first night and yes, positive again. So yay! I'm happy for her because they've been trying for over a year and just consulted an RE - BUT MAN! Couldn't you just try to hide it all weekend! Really!?!?!?

It definitely painted a black cloud over my trip which I wasn't expecting. Happy to be back home where there are actual clouds in the sky instead.

Baseline and US today....waiting for instructions to stick myself with yet another ungodly amount of massive needles in the hopes of conceiving again.

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  1. Ugh I'm sorry that had to come out and put a damper on your plans! Prayers for your plans!