Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2dp 5dt

So for any of you who can't read IVF code, I'm 2 days past my transfer of a 5-day embryo. 

Monday went pretty much as planned. I had an accupuncture session scheduled for right before transfer. That was actually great to have just an hour before the procedure. I think it helped to calm me down.  My usual accupuncturist wasn't working on Sunday so she referred me to another practice in the same building as my RE so logistically it was wonderful too.  The whole morning prior to acupuncture though my stomach was in knots.  I kept thinking we were going to get the call that neither of my 2 embryos survived the thaw.  I was checking my phone like a crazy woman but thankfully, that call never came.

The clinic was packed that morning - boy they must be making money hand over fist!  We were called back into the transfer room right on time.  I had a different RE than mine because this is a large practice and they rotate which doctors perform retrievals and transfers.  So when he came it, he told me they had to thaw both embryos.  The one was only 40% expanded and wouldn't grow any further.  The second was 90-95% expanded and was looking good.  I was definitely nervous and scared but tried to look on the bright side, at least we had something to transfer.  Afterwards, I wished we had transfered both.  I know the RE said it wasn't going to grow any further but I didn't like the idea of my embryo being "discarded."  I would have rather it go right back into me and that would be the end.  Things happened pretty fast and we made a quick choice. It wouldn't have changed any success/failure rates with this cycle but I think I would've felt better.

So while the doc was in my lady parts, he says "Ok here we are. It looks like you have a little fibroid there and there's the catheter...." Wait, what?!?! I have fibroids now? I was shocked, confused and scared again.  I have tons of crap going on in there and now we're adding fibroids to the list.  So I mustered up all my strength to ask "What, wait about a fibroid? I've never had that before."  The doc goes back over to look and says that he thinks it could be a cyst instead but it's not inside the uterus and won't compromise the success rates.  I was a little relieved...and then noted that yes I have 2 cycts on my ovaries - to which the nurse replied, she thought it was a cyst too.  MY GOD people.  Give me a heart attack.

The whole procedure took less than 5 minutes but it's extremely emotional.  I thought that we'd get another shot at bat with an FET if this one didn't work, but we won't so that was a tough pill to swallow.  I'll post later on the plan of attack, but for now I'm PUPO but not optimistic.

The doc gave us a 38% pregnancy rate.... so there's a 62% failure rate. I wouldn't take those odds in Vegas so I'm assuming this is all a bust.  My beta test is scheduled for 1/30 - which is a day longer than usual.  I guess my clinic doesn't do betas on the weekends - WTF the biggest fertility clinic in the Nation and they don't do these on the weekend - I was so pissed!  I had resigned myself to waiting to test until beta day and now I've got to wait a day longer. I don't think I can bear the news on a weekday, so we'll likely test on the 29th...when my beta should truly be.

I feel totally fine, totally myself except for the pit of despair in my stomach.  I didn't start cramping until about 7 days past transfer last time so I'm preparing myself for impending pain.  Wow, so upbeat today!

I'll be back later to let you know our plans if this is a no-go.

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  1. Hi There. Welcome to the wonderful world of infertility blogging! It's definitely hard to wait to test; I've done both ways and, well, neither is great. Fingers crossed for you-38% is better than 0!