Saturday, January 21, 2012

And so it begins

Yesterday afternoon we had an initial meeting with our adoption agency who will be conducting our home study.  I had thought this first meeting would be 1 of the 3 meetings required for the home study but it wasn't.  Basically we spent an entire hour and 20 mins signing initial paperwork and going over the many many documents we will need to submit.

There's fingerprints, background checks, in-depth financial records and budgeting, personal references, letters to employers and references from our pastor.  It's incredibly overwhelming that's for certain but I'm thrilled we're moving forward with the adoption plan.

In our state, home studies are good for 3 years and if something significant changes, you only have to do an update which is much less involved and a little less expensive.  This is great because I have always thought adoption would be for us even if we did end up having biological children.  We have adopted children in our family and we can't imagine life without them.  E's brother and his wife adopted internationally a number of years ago.  My niece is the most beautiful child and she adds to much to our family. 

We made an appointment for our first true home study meeting for next Thursday. I was definitely surprised as to how quickly they moved. I thought it would be another 2-3 weeks before we met again, but Thursday it is.  I think it scared E a little that the meeting was going to happen so quickly.  I know he's on board with adoption, but I think it made him a little nervous to be moving ahead so quickly knowing that there's still a slim chance I could be pregnant. 

This afternoon, a few of the gals from my infertility support group are headed to lunch. I've been looking forward to it since the email went around asking if anyone was interested.  I think they'll be about 9 of us at lunch.  Sometimes, most times in fact - it's just nice to be around people who really "get it." I don't have to pretend, they all understand what it's like to live in the hell of uncertainty. 

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