Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Vicious Cycle

The more questions I ask...the more answers I get...the more questions I have. 

I'm getting dizzy from this roller coaster!  I debriefed my immune results with my current RE - the RE who was against the testing in the first place.  I am going to attempt to summarize our conversation. 

- Really good news Factor V was normal!
- MTHFR mutations:  not a huge deal but will prescribe Folgard- YAY!
- PAI- 4G/5G:  my mutation was a "variant of normal" and he doesn't think it has any reproductive significance. It could however have significance in my overall health and the hematologist will be able to give me more information.
- Factor VIII: it's low, but just under the threshold (I'm 40, should be at least 50) so he's going to defer to the hematologist on that one. 
- He would be extremely surprised if the hematologist said I needed Lovenox or Heparin.
- He suggested I wait on the baby Aspirin until speaking with the hematologist.
- ANAs:  He would strongly advise against the use of steroids for the positive ANA result because of the side effects and risks associated with them.  He said that because no level was given in the blood work and I don't have a history of recurrent implantation failure that he doesn't think I need them. He said if E and I felt strongly that he would reconsider. I asked him what was considered recurrent implantation failure given that I've had 2 "perfect" 5 day blasts transferred. He didn't think that constituted "recurrent."

So here I am - left with more questions.  I will have to wait till next Wednesday to get any more answers. I am so nervous. A huge part of me thinks I need to push for the steroids because who wants to have another loss just so they can say - oh OK, I guess I need that added drug after all. I think I would regret not adding the drug more than enduring the side effects of them.  I have to discuss the side effects with my doc further but I feel like in the end I may push him towards that.

I also never got the full story from RE #4 on the positive ANA results and what she would do about them. When I emailed her, I see she's out of the office for another week. ACK!

Here's my spreadsheet to keep track of how everyone's opinions stack up thus far. I have the consult with SIRM on the 17th.

Baby AspirinFolgardSteriodsLovenox/HeparinICSILong Lupron Protocol

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