Monday, February 11, 2013

It's 1:30 am

And I'm trying to stay awake as I nurse my son.

These last 2.5 weeks have been some of the hardest of my life. Forget recovering from the c section and new mommy exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed - but I've been the absolute sickest I've ever been in my whole life and docs still aren't quite sure they know what I had/have.

Diareah for 5 days followed by intense abdominal and back pain, then headaches, fever of 103, chills and all over body aches. This landed me in the urgent care where they tested me for flu ( negative) determined I wasn't in need if IV fluids and mad me do stool samples. Uuuhhhh gross. Basic asssessment said i had a GI bug and to go home, rest and drink fluids. Geee great.

2 days later I got the chills so bad my lips turned blue and had a fever of 103! This landed me in the ER where the ER docs and the OB team assessed me for about 3 hrs and all they knew for sure was that my white blood count was up and there was  a lot of bacteria in my urine. After everyone consulted each other the only thing that seemed to fit was a kidney infection

So I took the antbiotics and didn't feel any change unrtil about 4 days later. One day I'll feel 80% better followed by a day where I feel like death again. It has made enjoying my new family difficult which has made things emotionally difficult as well. I am on the mend but it will likely take another week before I'm 100% based on the pace of things.

I will post the birth story soon, just need some more time to recover.

Oh and baby is doing amazingly well! Gaining weight and eating like a champ. I'm just so thrilled it's me and not him with this sickness.

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