Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Throw Out The Condoms"

We're still moving forward with an FET planned for next cycle. Our infectious disease blood work is all complete (and normal) as is my mock transfer which went very well. But perhaps the most nerve wracking item on our checklist was my OB appointment. I was so nervous that my doctor would encourage us to wait longer before trying again, but just the opposite occured. When I mentioned that I thought we were ready to start trying again - he was so excited - "throw out the condoms" he said. Haha - I had to laugh as if it would ever be that easy but he reminded me that stranger things have happened. Gosh, I love my OB. He's such a wonderful man. He was very excited for us to start trying again and hoped to see us back pregnant very soon. He delcared me perfectly healed from the C-section and sent me on my way. So there you have it - green lights all around. So now let's hope that my body cooperates with the FET protocol. Nervous but very excited!

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