Friday, October 17, 2014

Protocol Madness

They switched nurses on me and it's making life incredibly stressful.  I am still on birth control pills heading into an FET I think. But we haven't ironed out the protocol yet because my RE is "at a conference with limited communication." This is incredibly annoying because I have been his patient for almost 3 years. You'd think he would care a little more and call back.

It all started when my nurse sent me the Lupron FET protocol...different from the estrogen/progesterone protocol that I've always done...and different still than what my RE had discussed about doing a Lupron Depot shot in conjunction with birth control pills at the start of a cycle.  HUH? I was super confused but new nurse said "this is the Lupron protocol."  I tried explaining, even sent her emails from my old nurse which explained the Lupron Depot shot, even asked her to get in touch with my old nurse - did she do it - NOPE. Again, super annoyed.

Finally, I emailed my old nurse and like the wonderful angel she is, she got in touch with new nurse. Later that day, I got a note from new nurse saying the 2 nurses talked and this was "completely different" - she needed to talk to the RE. OF COURSE! I had been telling her that all along.

Now, I'm worried we missed our opportunity to do the Lupron Depot shot for this cycle because of my screwy new nurse.  Actually, I'm contemplating switching REs within the practice so I can have my old nurse back. See, they reorganized so now certain doctors work with a group of nurses who manage your cycles. UGH, so my nurse was assigned a different RE. BUT I'm really wondering if I can switch primary REs. I don't see my primary RE almost at all - only for consults. He's only done one of my transfers and that was just by luck - he was on the schedule.

So now I'm in birth control no-mans-land. I guess, worse comes to worse, I can just do the protocol I was sent. At least it's a bit different than the one I had been doing for the last 4 FETs - but my RE was adamant that we didn't need to try the different protocol because my lining was good each time. Who knows - I want to try something different and I'm going to push for that no matter if it's with Lupron Depot or not.  Ha, and the other kicker is that I reviewed the protocol that I was sent and the dates don't match up - FIGURES.

I still don't have high hopes for this transfer. I feel like our luck was all used up on my beautiful baby boy who never ceases to amaze me. I don't think people really get this lucky again. 

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