Monday, January 9, 2012

The Lining Check

So I had my lining check on Friday morning.  No big deal...I've never had any issues with my lining before so I didn't think too much about it.  That was until the nurse told me my lining was at 4.3! It's supposed to be at 8 at this point.  I was devestated and I cried for the better part of the day.  My husband wasn't there with me and I was suddenly very upset about this as well. Hormones, hormones - how I love thee.

They had me add estrace to my regimen which has been fun.  I've taken it orally before, but they want me to put know, down there.  And that's not the most interesting part.  Oh no - I have to make sure I wear a panty liner everyday because those little estrace pills are turquoise and well, you get the picture if you're in this game.  It's just very odd to see this strange new color down there. 

My transfer date has been postponed indefinitely until after I go in for another lining check tomorrow morning.

I honestly don't really have any hope that we'll be able to go forward with this cycle.  I went out and bought some royal jelly because someone somewhere told me it might help.  After having forgotten my morning doese of estrace this morning, I'm very very much worried now.  I'll update tomorrow morning, but things are not looking up - what else is new?

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