Wednesday, March 14, 2012

AF is a No Show

Here we are on CD 40 and still no flow.  I had to call RE #4's office to check on the immune system testing bills that I've been charged so I brought up my current AF dilemma. They want me to come in for BW and US tomorrow morning. I was going to go to my previous clinic, but the new doc will want to see the results anyway. I just figured it's probably easier to go to the new place even though I'm comfortable with the old. Ahhh - so many docs. 

Also, as soon as my nurse heard it was me on the phone, she was like, "Oh, good. I've been meaning to call you. Dr. RE #4 has reviewed your blood work results on the immune testing and wants you to come in for a consult!"  I was not expecting that at all. I'm glad the results are in, but when we first spoke, RE #4 said she'd just call if she got the results in.  So now that she wants us to come in, I'm prepared for the worst - even though I have no idea what the "worst" looks like. I was able to get in for the consult on Friday so I'm hoping to have some answers then.  Will let you know everything I find out. 

Oh and the kicker - the nurse actually suggested we might be pregnant right now. I explained that we have had intercourse about 3 times in the last 40 days and every time we've used a condom per instructions from the doc.  She said she's seen stranger things happen.... I'm pissed she got my hopes up.

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