Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Namesake

The new little one in the family has my name! Well, my first name is her middle name but same difference. This was very unexpected and very special. I can't explain why, but the minute I saw her photo, all my feelings toward my sister disappeared.

I am still a little jealous of course, but not like I used to be.  What I want most in this world is to be there and hold my new niece. I feel so much love towards her, it's unreal that I could have felt so terrible during the pregnancy.  I honestly can't describe this sudden change of heart but it was instantaneous upon seeing her picture and I absolutely cannot wait to hold her. I miss her already and I've never met her - strange, huh?

Maybe it's because I know somehow, some way - and some day, we'll have our own. And that day is getting close, I can just feel it.

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  1. That's so sweet. Congrats on the niece. I was in your position at this time last year. My niece's birth was SO HARD but I do love her!