Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Waiting for AF

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of AF so I can schedule my endometrial biopsy - step 2 in the immune workup.  Today is CD 33.  My longest cycle has been 34 days so if I don't get my period by the weekend, something is up.  I have never skipped a period but then again, I've never been pregnant before so I am not sure what my body is doing.  I will be really pissed if my body tries to drag this process out even longer than I had thought. 

Also, E and I did end up getting an invite to my pregnant, engaged friend's wedding in May.  E doesn't want to go (he's already on the hook for 2 other weddings this year and just can't take time off from work), but my mom and dad will be there so I might just go alone. I don't think I'll bend over backwards to try to attend this out-of-state affair, but if I can make it, and flights aren't terrible, I'll suck it up and go. There will be champagne I'm sure so that's a plus. 

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