Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's Been Awhile

I've been a bad blogger but I've been reading all your posts and keeping up.  I have just had so much on my mind these days every time I go to put it into words, I give up before I start the first sentence.

I'm 26 weeks today - a milestone that was unfathomable just a few short months ago. I still wake up and feel like I'm not living my usual life.  My body is changing and I've gained 16 pounds so far so only 9 more that I can gain and I've still go the holidays ahead of me so I'll have to remain on track.  Baby is kicking up a storm in there and it's absolutely incredible. E can feel him kick now too and this makes me even happier that he can share in some of that excitement.

Baby shower #1 is planned for about 2 weeks from now. I still can't even believe I am getting to have a shower.  Relatives are planning shower #2 in about 3 weeks, that is if they ever get the invitations out.  So that's another story but let me tell you- the baby shower is VERY IMPORTANT to an infertile.  Seriously, don't say you're going to host something if you don't have time to host. Sending invites out late to guests is not cool.  And besides, who wants to be at a party no one shows up to.  OK rant over.

We have our next check up in about 2 weeks and I'm anxious to see if my placenta has moved up at all. I really want to avoid a c-section if possible but if that's what it comes to, let's just get the little one out safe and sound.

I can't eat spicy food even though I love it because I'll be up all night. Heck I can't even have a slightly larger than normal dinner because I'll be up all night.  Tums helps but a little bit of sleep deprivation is alright by me. I've endured worse.

Gifts and hand-me-downs are starting to pile up at the house and E and I are working on getting the nursery ready. The furniture should be here in the next few weeks and I can't wait.  Talk about crazy nesting - it's taken me forever to pick out bedding and paint colors because I want everything to be perfect.  I've waited so long for this little man to arrive, I want him to have the most perfect nursery we can build him.

I'm trying to limit the number of infant care books I ready because they just stress me out. I know we'll be just fine.  Childbirth class is on the horizon - again, can't believe that's something I get to attend.  It still doesn't seem quite real!

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