Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Baby Watch 2013

Yes, I'm still here. 40 weeks + 1 day pregnant and everyone and their mother is on baby watch 2013.  I must tell at least 15 people per day that this kid has not yet arrived.  I can't leave the house without one of the neighbors popping their heads out to see if we're on our way to the hospital.  Co-workers are offering advice on labor induction I don't want to hear. I'm getting annoyed and I wish I wasn't.  Seriously people, if there was something I could do to bring this baby into the world, I would be doing it, but there's no rushing this little man.

We had a biophysical profile yesterday which is really just an ultra sound to check the baby's heart rate, amniotic fluid level, movement and quality of the placenta.  He's doing great!  He is comfy and healthy in there which was excellent news for us to hear.  Baby measured 8lbs 5 oz - whoa!  The tech said the measurement is usually +/- a pound from reality.  Boy, am I hoping its not plus a pound!!  Movement is still good too.  During my cervical exam, doc told me I'm 2 cm dilated and 50% efaced which is great progress.  She thought it could be any moment now. 

We have another US scheduled for next Tuesday if baby hasn't arrived by then. We'll do another biophysical profile to check to see how he's doing and then schedule an induction at that point.  Doc said since I'm already well on my way, pitocin will do the trick.  I am hoping he comes sooner than next Tuesday though but alas, things are out of my control.

Acupuncture, spicy food, sex etc. - we've tried it all.  Braxton Hicks are still around but not regular and no pain associated with them really. I've had a little minor cramping and a lot of mucus - I mean a lot.  All signs point to "go" but all we can do is wait. 

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  1. Am so glad you and baby are healthy and overall doing well. Have been following for a while (sorry, I "lurk" too often) and just wanted to say I hope you and your family are able to focus on you and your son because it is so wonderful to have health, time, etc on your side (verses, for example, having to worry about him being born months early). Best wishes to you and your entire family that things continue to go well!