Friday, January 18, 2013

40 + 3

I swore Thursday night I was going into labor...woke up with bad cramps, then had diarrhea (sorry if that's TMI) and this all around feeling of strangeness that I'd never felt before. I am still having lots of Braxton Hicks but this was very different.  But alas, the feelings subsided and I fell back to sleep only to wake up yesterday morning not in labor. 

The "snow" we were supposed to get yesterday was also supposed to help - drop in barometric pressure can set things off if you believe in that sort of stuff.  But, mother nature laughed at me and we didn't even see a flurry yesterday. 

I've resolved to stay off my email for the remainder of the day and to avoid reading all text messages. E knows to call me if he really needs me.  I am just getting more stressed and anxious about the constant barrage of people "checking in."  I'm frustrated and can't do a thing to change the situation. 

Today, mom and I are going to the mall, out to lunch and generally going to not talk about the fact that I'm still pregnant.  I need to chill out.

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