Sunday, May 12, 2013

What it means to be a mother

The few things I've learned so far about what it means to be a mother:

1. It's so much harder yet even more wonderful than I ever imagined.
2. Learning to eat with one hand is a must; cut your steak before you pick up the baby.
3. Being a mom means watching your child struggle through challenges but always being the cheerleader.
4. Being gooey is the best!
5. Baby laughter melts your heart
6. Start that glass of wine 5 mins before the end of your nursing session
7. Never leave the house without the paci
8. Its ok not to know what you're doing
9. All we really want for Mothers Day is a clean house and a nap

I'm sure there's more but as I type one handed from my iphone with a finally asleep baby in my arms, that's all I can manage.

Happy Mother's Day to all the past present and future mothers.

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