Friday, June 28, 2013

2 Posts in 1 Week!?!

I know, crazy right!  I thought it only fair that my 15 spare minutes be devoted to a little bit more of an update than I provided yesterday. 

Phew - 5 months down. It's insane to think of the time that's flown by but I am trying to take in a little moment each day to just sit and stare at the little one. He's growing so fast, I want to be able to remember this stage.  His little sounds, his movements, his dimples when he smiles... OMG I thought 4 months was fun, 5 is even better!  He's so sweet and laughing so much. Learning new things each day and it's wonderful because soon he'll be yelling "NO" and talking back at me.  But right now, these moments where his whole body just lights up with a smile - the best. 

I am still breastfeeding and pumping at work three times a day. So far we haven't needed to supplement at all, but we're going to start the weening soon.  Next week, I plan to cut down to 2 pumps at work each day.  I'm exhausted from it and my office-mate has been amazingly understanding, but it's time to transition a little. I'll still nurse him when I'm home and we have a ton of milk in the freezer so we won't need to supplement with formula for awhile, but we're staring the process.  It makes me sad in a sense because I love my time with him, but we are thinking about number 2 and I will definitely have to stop breastfeeding before all that begins we are.  Besides, I think my relationship with my pump has run it's course.  Solids start soon so that will be exciting as well.

Our little guy still sleeps through the night about 10 hours. He's a champ when it comes to that. And takes about 3 naps a day but I'm pretty sure he's working on transitioning to 2.  Seriously, we encourage sleep whenever possible - but he does all this with very little prodding.  It's not a magic recipe and I can't claim a ton of credit for his sleeping habits. The kid just likes to sleep.

No teeth yet but I think we'll have some soon.  The drool has picked up significantly in the last 2 weeks.  We're almost rolling over but not quite yet. Every other day at day care I ask if he's rolled over. I am convinced that I'm going to miss this milestone.  But - no rolling just yet.

Day care has been an adjustment but I think we're all doing just fine. E and I split the pick up/drop off routine which is good for baby but logistically challenging for mom and dad.  So far so good though and I'm happy with the care he's getting while I'm at work while it still makes me sad to be away.

Well time is running short...hoping to make posts more regular. Fingers crossed. 

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