Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Beta Day Came and Went

It was yesterday and I went in as a dutiful infertility patient only to get the news a few hours later that my test was negative. I let the call go to voicemail. 

Well this just plain sucks. How could it not work? Am I that broken? 

It took awhile after I stopped the PIO shots to get my period, but it came today. I was starting to get worried those shot royally screwed up my cycle, but I started spotting yesterday.  After becoming a crazy person over the weekend -- coming off estrogen and progesterone and then getting a period any second, boy I was a little nuts. I felt unglued as E and I argued in the self pick-up section of Ikea while trying to gather the modular storage pieces for the baby's playroom.  I thought divorce was imminent.  Let's just say that we will never be going back to Ikea together again. 

It looks like I will sit this next cycle out and then call with my December period. Then it's the same protocol as before but I've insisted on the Prednisone this time around. It worked when we got lucky with that last fresh IVF.  My doc is on board. 

Now I'm just going to try to enjoy the holidays for a few weeks before we start this up again.

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