Friday, November 15, 2013

Where do I fit in now?

This trying again for number 2 thing is a little strange as I am not really sure where I fit in. I am definitely still infertile but I am lucky enough to already be a mom.  I am well aware of my "luck" here but now I feel lost in a community I once fit in so well.

I had to update my blog roll because most of  the ladies I got pregnant with are blissfully enjoying their number 1 (as am I of course) but have not yet decided to try for number 2.  It's just tough because going through IVF and FETs are so much easier when you have a friend, anonymous or otherwise, to go through it with you.

I am in luck though as a friend from my Resolve group will be cycling for her number 2 in January along with me. We were both pregnant with our number 1's about the same time so she really gets it. But why does January seem so far away right now, when I know by looking at the calendar and all the holidays, trips, feasts and activities in between will make it fly right by. 

Plus then I'm also deathly afraid that we'll exhaust all of our frozen embryos and still not have gotten anywhere.  We have 3 left - good odds I know, but at $4600 a pop, they're nothing to take lightly.  After 2 of these FETs, we'll have spent the equivalent of a fresh IVF (without meds) and part of me just wonders if we should just skip right to that.  It's impossible to see the future I know, but it's hard to live in the present sometimes when you know there are wonderful possibilities to be a part of.

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  1. I don't know if you followed my blog, but I had my son in December 2012 after 5.5 years of TTC, and am 7 weeks pregnant from a FET in October. Good luck with the upcoming FET!