Monday, November 4, 2013

Mind Games

AHHHHKK. I told myself I wouldn't do this, but it can't be helped. I'm reading too much into symptoms and it's driving me insane. Beta is still a week away, but E and I were talking about the possibility of testing Friday. And even Friday seems like a lifetime away.

I've had some mild cramping here and there which of course I take as a bad sign because on our successful cycle, I felt absolutely nothing. And then on Sunday, I felt a bit lightheaded after I took the dog for a walk. Not like I was going to faint or anything, but I felt the way you feel when your blood sugar is low.  That was a familiar feeling during the first trimester for me as I recall.  So then I spent the entire day Sunday convinced I was pregnant, until I felt the mild cramping again and now I'm back to being convinced I'm not.

It's just too hard not to analyze every little feeling during this stressful 2 weeks.

POI shots continue to be a PIA but I forge on.  Doing my best to keep myself occupied with some Christmas shopping but it's not quite doing the trick.  Oh the familiar time when days seemed like months, even years.  Still, the wait is not the same. I am not waiting to become a mother so the pressure is off which is the only thing that makes this wait tolerable.

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