Friday, November 1, 2013

What Was I Thinking?

**Notice** this post is about juggling the mommy thing so if you're still on your journey to mommyhood, it might not be the most fun to read.

So this full-time mom and full-time employee thing is soooooooooooooooooper hard.  Wow and we want to add another one to the mix. Good lord, today - I think we could have been absolutely out of our minds for doing an FET so soon. 

The little one is sick - like he vomited all over his car seat on the way into work today at 7:15am this morning. That combined with a low grade fever and a few diarrheas - and I'm home today with the babe.  There's no way he'd get enough rest at day care. He's practically been sleeping all day.

E and I both have demanding jobs. His a bit more so than mine, but yesterday I got a snotty comment from my boss about taking leave so I felt extra bad about teleworking today. Thankfully, the boss seemed OK with it today and I will chock the comment up to being in a bad mood, but it's still difficult.  I know when I'm out, my team has to pick up the slack. And I'm very lucky to be able to telework.  My mom is visiting this week so she can do the baby stuff - I'm here for back up. I didn't want to leave him with Grammy when he wasn't feeling 100%.  Plus, I wanted to squeeze in a quick a quick trip to the doc.   It's just tough to juggle it all. To decide who has to stay home and who goes to work.

In FET news, I've had mild cramping off and on which I'm trying to ignore because I know it doesn't indicate anything exactly.  It's difficult though because for the fresh cycle which worked - I felt absolutely nothing; in fact I felt great so anything different has got me feeling pessimistic for this cycle.  We'll see in about a week.

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