Wednesday, December 18, 2013

FET #2 Is Underway

My period finally came...well sorta. Skip down a paragraph if you're not one for TMI sharing.

I started spotting on Monday which would mean I had a 34 day cycle. One of my longest but still within the range of "this has happened before so don't panic."  I called my nurse and told her and she said all I needed to do was start BCPs on day 3. YAY! No need to go in for blood work or US.  Great, right?  Well then Monday evening and all day Tuesday, my period stopped completely. It was so strange.  Cue freak out - maybe I'm pregnant?!?! Why oh why do I get my hopes up. I took a HPT in the bathroom at work yesterday just to put the crazies to rest and NEGATIVE glared back at me so there you are.  Super strange taking a HPT in the stall in a semi-public restroom by the way.  Thankfully, I woke up this morning and AF is back and looking good so I started my pills and am looking forward to January.

I take my last pill on Jan 7th, go in for blood work and if all looks good I'll start shots again on Jan 9th.  The del estrogen shots are no biggie and since they are only once every 3 days, I'm not worried about those. It's the darn PIO shots that I'm really not looking forward to.  E says how much he hates giving me those shots because he knows he's hurting me - what a sweet man.  I have been known to yell at him if they hurt and while I know it's not his fault - I'm still in pain and yelling helps. I think we'll have to come up with a strategy for this next round so we don't end up angry at each other so often.  FET date is set for Jan 28th!!!

So time will fly, I hope. Between Christmas, our trip to see family, New Years and then our son's first birthday in between there's plenty to keep me occupied.

Christmas is going to be great this year but it also reminds me of all the terrible Christmases I've had before. I was in a lot of pain December 2011 and just wanted to erase the entire season.  It's hard when you know there are others suffering this time of year as you once were.  My heart is with all of those still trying each and every day, but especially during the holidays when you're "supposed" to be happy and celebrating the birth of a child.  When you long for one, it's the toughest season of all.

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