Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Last BCP Today

So I made it through my packet of BCPs which seems like a little milestone to celebrate on this journey through our second FET!  Moving right along...baseline testing Thursday and then if all goes well, I'll start del estrogen that evening. We are adding in the steroids this time around so we're hoping that does the trick.  Of course there are so many other variables, but one can only hope.

Christmas was great! We made the trek across country via plane with our little guy - who's not so little any more. We purchased him his own seat on the plane though which was a lifesaver because it would have definitely been a tight squeeze and very uncomfortable.  All in all we had a wonderful time visiting with family and friends. It was so touching to finally be celebrating this holiday as a family of three. 

Of course there were some trying days - the time zone change really messed up our little guy's sleeping schedule so that made things interesting. We're still dealing with the remnants of the reverse commute 5 days later on this end too.  And being all together at my parents house, with my sister and brother in law and their almost 2 year old - was tons of fun, but also very hectic. The kiddos have opposite nap schedules and the house was in constant disarray. Now, it wasn't my house of course and my mom is so relaxed about that stuff, but the constant clutter definitely added to my stress level. We were all glad to be home, sleeping in our respective bedrooms. Boy, I don't know how folks do it with having the baby in their room full time. It was too much stress for me. 

Anyway, we're on the brink of the 1 year birthday and planning is in full swing. It will be mostly family but I'm having a great time planning the decorations and the food. 

Transfer is scheduled for 3 days after the shin-dig so I'll be able to partake in some champagne and toast our little man as he looks toward another year of growing, laughing and learning.  Oh and I think we're on the brink of walking - a few more weeks and we could have our first step.  So exciting!

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