Friday, January 10, 2014

And so it begins....again

Wow - wish I could come up with a better title to this post but I've got nothing.

Feels like deja vu here though as I begin yet another cycle.  I'm deathly afraid we'll go through all these FETs and have no baby to show for it.  We'll have a whole bunch of bills to show for it though and paying the cycle fee yesterday put a damper on the excitement.  We switched insurance but it doesn't take effect until next week, so I had to pay the cycle fee in its entirety and then wait for insurance to get verified and then we'll receive the refund for part of the cost. I'm guessing all of this will take 2 months. I would be silly to expect it any faster. 

So here we are - hanging on a thread of hope that this FET will work.  I'm not as optimistic as I was last time but I'm trying not to be pessimistic either.  It's tough, it always is and my hormones are all over the place which makes me want to burst into tears any second now.  I get 2 days of reprieve till my next IM shot and then I go in for my lining check in about 2 weeks. So not looking forward to the PIO shots again because no matter what, after about day 4, everything hurts.

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