Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Party Planning is in Full Swing

The first birthday is upon us - wow! Amazing that we all made it this far. 

A year ago today was actually our due date, but the little guy decided not to come for an excruciating 9 days later. I was on pins and needles waiting for him to come. As I teleworked from home, my Mom was already in town just staring at me all day long it seemed. All the neighbors were on high alert and I couldn't leave my house to get the paper without someone popping out to ask if I was headed to the hospital.  Alas, we were meant to wait just awhile longer.

And now we're planning a party that I thought would never ever come.  Still, after a year of being a mom, I am in shock some days that we're where we are. So many years of hopelessness and tears and now I have my wonderful little boy.   It feels strange that this "shocked" feeling still comes over me though I suppose I've been infertile longer than I've been a mom so I've got a few more years to right myself.

Most days we're slugging through the laundry, the bottle making, the vomit, coughs, and pediatrician appointments - but then again - most days we're also soaking in laughter, snuggles, learning and growing. 

2 shots down, 3 to go until lining check next Thursday.     

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