Thursday, February 6, 2014

Recap of FET #2

Sorry this is so late in posting, sickness and birthday parties and out of town guests kind of suck up all your time. 

Anyway, FET was scheduled for 1/28 so we arrived in plenty of time - even did acupuncture ahead of the appointment so we were all ready to go.  We are back in the exam room and everything is going smoothly.  They thawed one embryo and we still have 2 more in the freezer. Phew! I was so worried that they'd have to thaw more than one at a time.  Our embryo looked great and it was already starting to hatch.

So transfer goes well, they embryologist heads back into the lab to check to make sure the embryo made it out of the catheter. Waiting...waiting...waiting. My RE says the embryo may be stuck and we'll just try again, not to worry. More waiting.... After what seemed like an eternity, RE removed the speculum (THANK YOU) and goes back into the lab to see what's going on. More waiting ensues. I think he was back there for about 15 more minutes. OMG, we have no idea what's going on.

RE comes back and explains. There are some cells at the end of the catheter. Hmmmm. What?!? It's not my embryo as it looks nothing like my embryo - different shape cells, different characteristics, different quantity. The cell group is larger than my it's not part of my embryo that got left behind. Uhhh, E and I are so confused. RE says that some cells could have gotten on the catheter from my uterus but he is 100% confident that we transferred the embryo we were supposed to. It won't do any good to put those cells back in me especially because we're certain it's not the embryo and we don't know what they are.  So there was nothing left to do. We went home - defeated.

We called RE the next day and he explained everything again, but reiterated that he thought 100% we had a successful transfer and that our success rates were not compromised by the unidentified cells on the catheter. I'm freaked out though - and keep thinking there's no way in hell we're going to get a positive out of all of this. 

I'm exhausted, my rear end hurts and I just want to get the bad news over with so I can drink some wine and go for a long run to clear my head. Maybe not in that order thought. Not to mention get another FET going.  I feel like there's absolutely no hope and I'm exhausted. We plan to test tomorrow night at home which will be 10 days past our 5 day transfer so we'll be able to trust the HPT. Beta is scheduled for Monday. 

Although, even when everything goes perfectly well with a "perfect" blast, we still end up with BFNs so OK, there's a teeny glimmer of hope still left.

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