Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

I can't come up with any clever blog titles for the fact that we're doing yet another FET.  I started BCPs on the 15th, transfer is planned for April 1st.  The only thing we're doing differently is that we're trying an endometrial biopsy.  Well, 2 to be exact, about a week apart.

The first one they will actually check my cells to make sure they're normal, the second test they just throw away. I have to get more clarification here but I think the second one is just to stir things up again.  My doc doesn't necessarily think it will help but he doesn't think it will hurt either. So we try.

I had the first one yesterday. I ended up taking a Percocet and 2 motrin. Wow - didn't feel a thing. Well maybe a little cramping but it wasn't bad. The worst part was them getting the speculum in. That hurt.  But the physician's assistant who did my procedure actually commented that I handled that the best she's ever seen anyone handle the procedure. Hmmm thinking not everyone took a Percocet ahead of time though :). E found it comical that I took credit for being so "strong." 

It was hell to pay later in the day though - threw up twice at work because of that darn pain killer. I only took 1 after lunch (about 30 mins before the procedure) and I thought I had enough food in me to combat the queasiness I usually get after taking one, but alas I was wrong!  I found myself sprinting to the bathroom on 2 occasions, both times there were other women in the restroom. Sorry, ladies! I guess I could have thrown up in my office trash can - at least I would have had privacy, but I thought clean up would be worse. Proud that I made it to the bathroom both times though.  OH, it was a rough day.

And now I'm torn what to do about the second one - pain meds or no? My stomach has never really been happy with me when I take Percocet, I much prefer Vicodin.  As Dr. Google explains, Percocet is twice as strong as Vicodin - different tiers of drugs I guess. So I think I've resolved to go with the Vicodin and tough it out.  I still think I'll be OK with the lesser pain killer - but I think I definitely need something a little stronger than just Advil to get me through it. One more biopsy to go! 

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