Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What Went Wrong?

Nothing really - that was the answer I got. Oh, I got a few more answers, but I didn't like them very much either.

After the phone consult with my RE, here's what I learned:

- It took a lot to get my pregnant the first time around, so it's not unfathomable that it will take A LOT to get me pregnant the second time as well (DEPRESSING!)
- I likely have a higher proportion of abnormal embryos than an ordinary person my age despite them looking "perfect" at 5-day blasts (DEPRESSING!)
-He will do an endometrial biopsy for me but doesn't think it will help, nor hurt so it was up to me (SORTA DEPRESSING).
- He doesn't think my tubes are blocked leading to any toxic fluid in my uterus (Good news, but I'm not convinced).
- He doesn't think my scar tissue is creating any implantation failure (Good news, but I'm not convinced).
- My 2 remaining embryos are 6-day blasts and still considered "good quality" on the good, fair, poor scale and he would still recommend transferring them.  (Good news I guess, but they're not "perfect" like the others ).
- If we went for another fresh cycle down the road, he'd likely suggest PGD testing (DEPRESSING to think of doing another fresh).
- He would support us if we wanted to transfer 2 at a time, but I think we're set on just one.
- We're at the mercy of statistics and we just have to keep slugging it out (SUPER DEPRESSING!)

So here we are, gearing up for FET #3 planned for - you can't make this stuff up - April Fools Day!

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