Monday, April 14, 2014

Well this is getting redundant

I tested Friday morning and another BFN starred back at me.  Gosh, not even a chemical in these 3 transfers! I went in for beta this morning like a dutiful little glutton for punishment. Awaiting results now, but it's hopeless. I've already started spotting it seems.

I stopped meds on Friday because I just couldn't take it anymore. We are going for a second opinion next week with a new RE. I've seen 3 different REs in the metro area throughout the course of my fertility journey...and one OB out of state (not to mention phone consults with SIRM and CCRM).  Trying to find someone with a new perspective is getting difficult here. 

I have more questions for the new RE and my current RE. I don't want to switch clinics but I want to hear what another doc has to say.  Right now I'm looking at calendars and figuring out what to do. Options right now look like this:

A.) go straight into another FET with transfer end the of May/beginning of June.
B.) go straight into a fresh IVF with PGD with transfer at end the of May/beginning of June.
C.) take a month off and then do the last FET with transfer at the end of June
D.) take a month off and then do a fresh IVF with PGD with transfer at the end of June/July.

I had to endure the pregnancy announcement by my cousin this weekend. Of course I already knew because she told us in Mexico.  It's hard to be happy for someone when you're going through hell. They were trying for over a year so I suppose I should be cheering them on, timing was bad I guess. 


  1. I'm sorry :( And it doesn't matter what the circumstances are, a pregnancy announcement right now really hurts :( *Hugs*

  2. I'm sorry, J. It's horribly frustrating. I really resonated with your more recent post about why keep trying - I love C and he'd be enough, but he's so fabulous I love the idea of another one.