Thursday, June 19, 2014

Toddler Time

So to lighten the mood here a little I thought I'd give a quick little update on how we're doing parenting a - gasp - almost 17-month old!

The 2 most favorite parts of my day are waking up and seeing C with his sleepy little eyes as he smiles my way. His hair is usually all over the place too which seems to add to the cuteness. The other favorite part has now become post-bath naked time.  C will barely even tolerate being dried off from his bath these days before he's off and running through the house and up the stairs while I chase his little chubby naked behind up the stairs.  His laughter and enjoyment makes all the day's headache's disappear.

The other big development we seem to tackle every 2-3 days or so is new words. New words left and right out of this kiddo's mouth. Today is was "bus" and "bath."  Tomorrow it will be something new and I love it. I can't believe it each time he exclaims with a new word - it's just so much fun to hear his little voice.  Oh and "no" entered the mix too about 2 weeks ago. Specifically, "no mama" was uttered and I almost died.

So far, he says:

- mama
- dada
- bath
- bus
- mo-mo (milk)
- al-da (all done)
- no
- elmo
- cheese
- vroom-vroom
- shoes
- ball
- quack
- oink (though it's a funny little noise he makes that is pretty unusual)
- woof
- roar (probably his favorite)
- blub blub (for a fishy)
- two (he says after I hold up any number of fingers)
- uh-oh
- hippo
- door
- nigh nigh (night night)
- hi
- bye
- stuck, truck and duck kind of all sound the same
- agua  

And so there we are folks. Gearing up for fresh IVF 3.0 but slowly coming to acceptance towards being a family of 3 permanently. It's pretty fantastic so far.


  1. How does every child learn 'Elmo" so quickly?? We'd never even shown him an elmo video and one day our son pointed down at his diaper and proudly exclaimed "Elmo!" Apparently the best marketing campaign of all time...

  2. I love the early talking! It's so cute!

  3. C had never seen Elmo on TV but had pulled down a hand-me-down book from the shelf one day. There was a talking Elmo book and I think he just kept pressing the buttons: "Elmo likes to use the potty!" and there you have it.