Friday, June 13, 2014

What We're Doing Next

I'm not sure exactly. Beta Monday was a negative - shocker. 

With E still out of work, we've had a number of conversations around moving. In fact, there have been 2 separate positions that seem promising elsewhere in the country.  Both are interesting and may prove to be good moves for our family and E's career. Moving would put my career on hold most likely, but I think I could work out a telework situation if it came to that. The thought of moving has necessarily sped up our next IVF moves.

We had planned to take a month off between these FETs and any fresh cycle, but if we move we'll have to start all over at another clinic or travel back and forth if we wish to stay with our current RE.  Neither seems appealing so here we go  - head first into a fresh cycle.  I am not sure what this cycle will look like yet because my consult with my RE is next Thursday, but he wanted us to go ahead and schedule a phone consult with the PGS lab for Monday. This way, we'll know all the details ahead of time and we can decide for sure what protocol we're going with on Thursday. Today was day 1 of pills so technically we've already started. 

What I'd like to do is go through a fresh cycle and transfer a 5 day embryo just like we did during C's cycle. Then I'd like to test any remaining embryos with PGS and have those frozen.  I'm not sure if that's an option because my nurse mentioned that there might be a change in the days I start stims.  Also, I'm curious how they bill for a stim and freeze all cycle.  Will my insurance even cover any of it?  We switched at the beginning of the year so we'd have some has helped immensely with the cost of the FETs, but transferring one blast at a time has left us $10K in the hole already.

I'll update you after Monday's call.  PGS testing makes me a bit nervous because it's so "new" relative to other medical procedures. Nervous because I inherently wonder about damaged embryos. Of course, I'm deathly afraid of not getting any blasts this time around too. And that roller coaster from retrieval to transfer....oh LORD... I am not looking forward to that again.

Just trying not to think about it till I have to. 

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