Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tortoise or the Hare?

So I've been doing a little more research about rising E2 levels during stimulated IVF and found out some very interesting things. I might not be a slow starter after's just that this is what a more normal or optimal E2 rise is supposed to look like.

I went in for US/BW yesterday morning and there were 5 measurable follicles - with an average size of about 11. Good, right? Yes. Then I expected my E2 levels to be somewhere in the 600 range because that's where they were last IVF - nope, nope, nope. I am at 341.  Gosh that seems low but in truth, an E2 level that doubles every 2 days is exactly what we're looking for. So when my E2 shot up from 185 to 605 to 1632 and then the next day to 2996 to 4100 (on trigger day) that wasn't necessarily the best or even optimal stimulation.  Many REs wont trigger you unless your E2 is under 4,000 so I was right on the cusp.  I still stand on my thoughts that I almost overstimmed at that 4100 mark - but of course, in the end we were successful.  BUT it's likely why none of my other embryos were. 

So here we are at the half way mark and I'm cautiously optimistic we'll end up more in the optimal stimulation range and be able to trigger with that full dose of HCG.  Back tomorrow morning for US and BW.  This weekend will be filled with monitoring appointments, BBQs and my 33rd birthday is Monday. I'm sure the time will fly, just can't help be nervous for how this all will turn out.

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