Thursday, July 10, 2014

We're Back

From vacation that is and the awesome escape from all things IVF. We had such a wonderful trip - yes a bit exhausting getting there. I swear, I'm coming up with a new work out video called "Traveling with Toddlers."  OMG - I must have lost 2 pounds on the outbound journey with all the lifting, bending, carrying, chasing etc. that I did at the airport.  C was a very good kiddo on the plane and my bag of tricks seemed to work really well.

We spent our days on the beach, at the pool, at the park, eating out and did manage to make it to Disneyland. It was so amazing to see my niece's face when the characters from "Frozen" started down the parade route. They might as well have been (insert popular tween boy band) they way she was jumping up and down. C even seemed to get into the parade - a giant float with a singing lion on it.  Yup, this kiddo is now a huge fan of the "Lion King."  He attempted to follow the float down the parade route. Thankfully, my quick reaction stopped him before there was an incident.  We did manage to get in some relaxing during the trip too. It was just wonderful to take a break from the regular stresses of life.

But alas, we're back!  I've been on Lupron about a week and tomorrow I go in for my check. If all is well, I'll start stims tomorrow evening. I can hardly believe it really. I never never wanted to believe we'd have to do another fresh cycle. In some ways, I'm still in disbelief.

I did spend a portion of vacation arguing with the insurance company to get on their horse and approve my cycle. Oh and then after they approve the cycle (which took some time because my clinic didn't send the paperwork fast enough), a separate entity has to approve the meds. Oh and then after that, you can call another number to place your order and then your meds will come next day.  I basically had to call every other day to make sure this process was moving along and had I not, I'm positive I'd still be waiting for the approval. But looking on the bright side, we're squared away and I'm so thankful to have some coverage this time around. It's saving us so much money.  We're still not decided about the PGS testing but at least I feel like we'd have the money to test because we're saving so much on the cycle and the meds.  

So here we are, crossing fingers, toes, elbows, knees everything - hoping this is the real shot. I am so nervous that this will not work. I have so much hope for it. I finally feel like we're really in the game again since FET #1 and even FET #2. For #s 3 and 4, I really felt hopeless and was simply going through the motions. I am so scared that this cycle will not work. I'm not sure how I'll cope with it really. 

We need some good news in this family.  E has a third interview for a company next week so, while it seems greedy, we're hoping we'll get 2 things we've been waiting for this July.

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  1. Everything everything everything is crossed for BOTH of these things to happen!