Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Did I Mention I Hate Waiting?

After my surgery, I decided my body needed a detox from hormones, needles, meds etc. before cycling again. This was great foresight but not it's driving me nuts because I have no idea when AF will come!  If I had gone on the pill, I'd know she'd be here in almost exactly 10 days. But nooooo. I am hormone free so I just have to hope my body doesn't do something crazy and go for a super long cycle.  I want to get this next FET in before Thanksgiving. I'm ready to go...and I hate the uncertainty of not knowing when AF will really come. 

I updated by annual blood work for the clinic yesterday so that's off the list. No more needles for at least 6 more weeks. Is it strange that I miss injecting myself with drugs?!?!

I've been reading more about endo, hydro and IVF these days and found something interesting on Dr. Sher's blog about secondary infertility and endo:

"Only IVF, which involves extracting eggs before they are released (ovulated) into the “toxic peritoneal environment,” can circumvent this problem. This explains why a woman with endometriosis who is lucky enough to become pregnant on her own or following the use of fertility drugs (with or without intrauterine insemination), often experiences secondary infertility later in her reproductive years. It also explains why normally ovulating women with endometriosis and patent Fallopian tubes do not benefit significantly from intrauterine insemination, with or without the use of fertility drugs, or from surgery to remove endometriotic lesions (since many endometriotic deposits are non-pigmented, thus invisible to the naked eye and cannot be removed surgically). In such cases only IVF will improve the odds of a successful conception. Simply put…. if a normally ovulating woman who has mild to moderate endometriosis conceives following IUI, surgery or the use of fertility drugs, it is probably IN SPITE OF, rather than due to such treatments."

I know we used IVF for C, but it's also interesting that women with endo who conceive on their own then subsequently have secondary infertility because of it. I guess there's another reason that I should have trusted my instincts earlier on and gotten the HSG - OR rather, my RE should have tried to figure it out.

In other news, I'm sifting through Halloween costume ideas for C.  I wanted him to wear something adorable and snuggly - after all he's still my baby. Well we tried a few on including a very cute total body puppy costume and cue FREAK OUT.  Hahha, he looked adorable but kept yelling, "Puppy off! Puppy off!" with his red little face and jumpy little feet. So I think he's going to be a fireman instead. A little more grown up but I think a coat and hat won't freak him out. We'll see though. The costume should be here in a few days. 

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  1. I'm also enjoying the break i really needed it. I feel less fuzzy and emotional. In so jealous you have frozens! Would love to see a Halloween outfit - cute!