Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Plan

Yesterday morning I had my post-op with my surgeon. He confirmed that both tubes were non-functional. I looked at a few pictures and he pointed to swollen tubes.  I had a light period this time around because he scraped my lining during the hysteroscopy - but my uterus looked great. I should get my period like I normally would. This surgery should greatly improve our IVF chances. And then I hopped off the table and left.

I didn't ask too many more questions for a number of reasons. The tubes are gone, nothing can be done to change that at this point. If they were sorta bad, really bad, or horribly bad doesn't matter. They were bad enough to be removed. The other reason I didn't ask more questions - I am FREAKING TIRED OF ASKING QUESTIONS!  Research, planning etc. is exhausting and I think I'm nearing my limit this time around. I'm ready for something to go right again.

I also had a consult with the local RE I consulted with previously - the only one in the area who is a "believer" in immune systems issues. I wanted another check after my conversation with Dr. Braverman.  I was in her office for less than 10 mins. She sees no real reason to retest me for immune issues. She confirmed what my RE and SIRM said - that hydro is a significant barrier to IVF success.  I should simply transfer again and hope for the best...keep the protocol the same. There's no reason to think I have anything else going on since I tested negative 2 years prior. So there you. She concluded that she was sure I'd be pregnant soon.  Ugh those words are hard to hear sometimes when you know medically they're right, but it's just not working out that way in reality. 

So I will cycle when I can my period. We'll kick things off with one shot of Lupron and birth control pills. The Lupron was discussed earlier and I asked if we could still use it with the cycle just to be safe in "resetting" my lining.  We'll be going with steroids but no Lovenox. My RE said that  there's too much risk for little reward given the surgical findings. So we're a no on that which is what I expected him to say. He sees no need to do the endo biopsy again which I'm thankful for. And no need to adjust timing of  the transfer. So it's going to be a pretty straightforward FET this fall. Looking at a calendar, I'm guessing transfer will be sometime around Thanksgiving. It seems awfully far away, but I'm hoping it will fly by.

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