Monday, September 8, 2014

Hypothetical Deadlines

So you know how, as an infertile, you make up hypothetical deadlines for when you hope to be pregnant:

"Surely, by next (insert holiday, birthday, milestone etc.) we'll be pregnant!"
"Of course I'll be pregnant before (insert your 25 yr old co-worker who just got married)."
"Please dear God, let me be pregnant before (insert annoyingly fertile friend) has her second baby!"
"Ugh, it's sorta gonna suck if (insert infertile friend) has her #2 before me too!"

Well one of my deadlines which I was 99% sure I was gonna make, just got blown up during my morning commute - another Royal baby on the way! It took all my energy not to throw up in the car as soon as I heard the news. WTF, Prince George was born 6 months after C! I thought I had at least another 6 months before I had to worry about this hypothetical deadline.  Today is just a bad day and I am so not happy about all the freaking people in this world who can just get pregnant when they want to.

My cousin is hugely pregnant right now so that's all anyone talks about at family gatherings...not to mention my sister is pregnant as well. I think I'm going to have to skip a few Sunday dinners because it's just too much right now especially after having my tubes removed.

I'm still super pissed that I'm being drug through the infertility mud for a second go round. It seriously feels like a cruel cruel joke that now I've uncovered a completely NEW fertility road block in our quest for baby #2. I won't ask what more could be thrown at me right now - because I seriously don't feel like tempting fate any further.   


  1. Did you seriously read my mind? I'm so annoyed. Fucking infertility. I'm lying here cramping like a mofo and bloody fertile Kate is pregnant grrrrrrr

  2. I swear the royals must screen their women before they approve a marriage, has been an infertile queen since Anne Boleyn?

  3. Chon totally read your mind!

    And completely agree Melissa. What is up there? I guess my girlhood dream of becoming a princess and marrying Prince Will would have been dashed during the Queen's fertility screening process!