Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Meds, meds and more meds

Gosh, it's always something right? I am still working out my meds for this cycle.

The good news is that we got the Lupron depot figured out - my new nurse finally called back and confirmed the timing of the depot. She confirmed what  I wanted to hear - that this timing will help with my endometriosis and the lining. The bad news, if insurance doesn't cover this medication, it will cost me $1k!!!! Good lord. It's one single shot. I am not hopeful that it will actually be covered though.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer is out of del- estrogen which I need. I have called 2 pharmacies already and they're both out and not sure when they're getting it in. I have a little left over from a previous cycle to get started. I reached out to a friend who lives nearby to see if she has any leftover from her successful FET. Every little bit helps especially if we have to fork over another $1K for this new medication.

Please please please let this cycle be the one.


  1. It's so ridiculous how a few teaspoons of ANYTHING can be so expensive! Might as well be liquid gold!

    Continued prayers!

  2. Everything is crossed for you that your endo is suppressed and this is your cycle!

  3. Oh I do have everything crossed. Lately I have been hit with second natural pregnancies from my IVF friends and farrrrk it really hurts. I am hoping that this is it for you. to give me faith as well.

  4. Hi J- I saw your comment on my blog :) I would be happy to send you the PIO if you would like it. Can you email me at jennifergonda@hotmail.com and let me know where you would like me to send it? Do you need needles too? I could try to figure out which ones that go with the PIO if you need them.
    Good luck on your upcoming cycle! I hope this is the one!