Monday, November 3, 2014

My Body Really Doesn't Want This Lining

I'm really hoping it knows what it's doing but my body has been trying to shed this lining of mine all month. I had about 10 days of spotting while on the pill over the last few weeks which is really unusual for me. I've spotted while on pills only one time before and then it lasted just about 3 days. This time, it's not only been much more frequent but a slightly heavier "spotting" flow too.

I took my last pill on Saturday in accordance with my protocol. I usually get my period about 3 days after stopping the pill, but low and behold AF is here just 2 days after stopping. At least I think it's AF and not just spotting - seems more like a light flow has begun.  Regardless, I go in on Friday for my lining check and to sign the consents AGAIN. I am so annoyed that we keep having to sign these dang forms over and over again.

So here I am sitting in the wrong underwear wearing the wrong pants for an AF day here at work, hoping hoping hoping my body is getting rid of this lining only to make way for the best lining ever to support our next little one.

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