Monday, February 9, 2015

Waiting for the Shoe to Drop

Blood is drawn and now I've got about 6 more hours to wait for the results of beta #3.  I am scared out of my mind. This weekend was a long one with Saturday afternoon being a little touch and go.  That afternoon I got my haircut...course I cancelled the coloring out of an abundance of precaution. Had to stave of pregnancy notions from my hairdresser of course.

I felt fine for the most part but then I started noticing some coming and goings of cramping. They weren't uncomfortable but noticeable. I headed to the store after the haircut and felt them and on.  I tried to ignore them but at one point I ran to the nearest public restroom because I was sure I was bleeding...nope all was fine.  Phew. Sunday and today I've felt totally fine.

Saturday's intermittent cramping stayed with me for a few more hours and then of course I scoured my old posts and fertility friend charts to see what I recorded with my 2 chemicals and then C's pregnancy.  I am deathly afraid of a repeat of chemical pregnancy #1 - I had a "perfect beta" at 19dpo and then started cramping the next day and bled throughout the day. Beta #2 fell by 1/2 which my RE said was really unusual to go down so fast. This time, I haven't had any bleeding at all which is good I guess.

Then with C's pregnancy, I recorded some intermittent light cramping as well. But I also recorded sore breasts coming and going. UGH - I know none of it means a thing. The only thing that counts is the blood test. I am so scared that I will wake up from this dream and be thrown right back into my usual nightmare.   

UPDATE:  Oh thank goodness; they didn't make me wait long. Beta was 4,329 and her words were "your beta rose beautifully." I am still in shock that this is happening. They want me to come in early next week for an US but I won't be home from our Denver trip until Thursday so I'll have to make the appointment then. Hoping our trip is a good distraction until the next appointment. It's a big one that's for sure. I would love nothing more than to hear that little heartbeat.


  1. I had so much cramping at 5 and 6 weeks with my second. I don't remember ANY with my first. Lots of things are happening in there, so as long as there is no bleeding, it's good! Prayers that the day goes quickly for you, and you get a great number!!!

  2. Just catching up - hooray for good news!