Thursday, March 19, 2015

First OB Appointment

It went swimmingly! E and I continue to be amazed at this progress.

I had an appointment in the middle of the day. The usual urine and blood tests along with cultures were taken. My OB who did my C-section for C is just so incredibly warm. He gave us big hugs and said we'd come so far again. It's really nice to get a little credit where it's due, you know. We have been through 7 failed cycles and another surgery to boot. 

When we first got into the exam room, I asked the nurse if we'd get a sono and she said usually not since we'd had so many with our RE. But when I asked my OB, he said of course. Let's take a look. And we did...and baby was great. Measuring still 3 days behind at 10 weeks exactly but doc wasn't worried. At least we're consistent I thought.  Heartbeat was 140bpm which is exactly what C was at this appointment. A boy maybe?

I am not even concentrating on sex at this point. Crossing each healthy milestone is much, much more important. Of course, I think my clinic would release the results of the PGS testing to us at anytime now, but we're not asking. 

My next appointment will be on the 30th for the NT scan. I think after that, we'll tell the rest of our family. Mine already knows because of the bleeding scare. I just needed to tell my mom and sister.  I'm excited about the thought of telling the families. Each day is such a gift and while this is our second pregnancy, we feel like it's our first. Every appointment, every US and every little thing about this baby is just so amazing to us. We're not taking it for granted even one bit.

I did have to write our social worker and tell her the news of  the pregnancy today. We'd like to just put the home study on hold for now.  I haven't heard back yet so we'll see what she says. I'm not sure why I'm nervous about her reply...I sometimes wonder if they'll be mad at us. I doubt it but I'm a little irrational sometimes I know.

Still feeling totally myself. My boobs have gotten bigger, but I can still fit into most of my work pants. Jeans are another matter so I might have to disclose soon to my cousin so I can my maternity stuff back.

Otherwise, I wake up and truly feel so incredibly lucky. Because that's just it at this point...luck.

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