Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hanging Out at 9 weeks 4 days

I guess I'm still pregnant. I am still considering myself PUPO at this point because I still can't wrap my head around a happy ending. It's a little sad, but I know I'll get there eventually. It will just take me some more time.

I am still feeling pretty normal other then being super tired in the evenings. I definitely don't need any more Benadryl to sleep these days. I think weaning from the steroids has also helped on that front.  Today was my last dose of those suckers.  Occasionally, I get a very slight bout of nausea mainly in the evenings but I feel like it might just be in my head.  Then there's my jeans which are a little tight but it could be all the carbs I've been eating.  Otherwise, nada. Feel like a completely normal infertile lady.

According to my schedule from my nurse, I am to continue my medication through Saturday evening. Of course, I'm afraid to stop the meds before my OB appointment. But that's a whole week away.  If I go by the schedule, I'll take my last del estrogen shot on Friday night and my last endometrin suppository and vaginal estrace Saturday night. I would love to stop those IM shots on Friday. It would be glorious, but I have enough meds to go a few more days on it so I might just do 2 more for good measure. 

And then there's the doppler sitting at home.  I ordered some more doppler goo because we were all out from my last pregnancy.  Should I try over the weekend? Or will it just drive me more nuts. Of course, if I was able to hear the heartbeat, all my worries would disappear and I'd feel so much better.  Perhaps I should just live in ignorant bliss for another week though.

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  1. Hmm tough call on the dopplar. I guess it might be best to wait, since if you just can't find it, it would probably really worry you. I can understand wanting to check for it, I hate early pregnancy, so little reassurance!