Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Most Beautiful Site

Yesterday's ultrasound gave us really great news! I finally breathed a sigh of relief as we left the clinic for, what I hope, is the very last time. 

We arrived on time and were escorted to the exam room just a few minutes after our appointment time. E and I were sweating bullets waiting for the doc who was a few mins late. I actually contemplated having E try to work the US machine because my heart rate was going through the roof waiting.

The wand went in and after about 5 seconds, the doc declared we had a heartbeat. Thankful does not even begin to describe my emotions at that moment.  The nurse measured the heart rate at 175 - just perfect.  Then she measured baby twice. First measurement was 7w6d and second was 8w1d. I am no longer worried about being a 1-3 days behind. The fact that this little baby grew between 8 and 10 days worth of growth in a week has me feeling more confident we're on track. There was no sign of the bleeding pocket at all. Everything looks wonderful were their words. I am ready to graduate.

Wow! It was all surreal. My former and favorite nurse actually checked us out, gave us our instructions and paperwork to take to my OB.  She hugged us really tight and said she was elated for us...and so happy she was there to wish us well. I mentioned we wouldn't be coming back and she said that's great.  It was a really nice way to leave the office; I actually almost cried as we walked through those doors on our way out for the very last time.  I hope more than anything I never have to go back there again.

E was a little taken aback when they said we could graduate. I could tell he wasn't quite ready. I knew it was a possibility though. We had 3 USs with them.  With C they allowed us to have an extra US at 9 weeks which of course we opted for, but in the end we still ended up with 3 US all together.

So, now I'm my OB's patient. Calling their office was incredibly strange. I love my OB and wanted to be sure I saw him for my first appointment. Too bad I have to wait till the 18th, but I am hoping I'll be OK with the anxiety. I don't dare try to use my doppler ahead of 10 weeks. There's no way we'd hear the heartbeat before then. 

I still don't feel that many symptoms. I get a little bit queasy in the evening but it's barely there. And just yesterday I "noticed" my boobs. They aren't really sore but they feel a little bigger. Thankfully, I still fit in my bras. I sometimes wish I would throw up each morning just for that reassurance.

We are still moving ahead with the adoption paperwork and if things go well at our next appointment, we'll tell our social worker that we'd like to delay the process - not stop it entirely yet.

I am so happy that we've gotten this far but am of course scared for the future of this pregnancy. I would love for it to continue uneventfully but I'm not naive. A lot can still happen. 


  1. I'm so happy for you!!! I really hope everything continues to go well!

  2. Such happy news. I am truly wonderfully happy that this journey of yours is so close to be almost over xx

  3. Hooray! So glad you had a good ultrasound and that so many of the things you were worried about are no longer causes for concern. Looks like we're on this adventure together again!